Difference between ‘Full Figure’ and ‘Plus Size’

Difference between ‘Full Figure’ and ‘Plus Size’

illustration of the differences in bust size and shape between plus size and full figure brasMost people think that these two terms are synonyms and that they can use them interchangeably, but they have different meaning depending on the industry you are referring to. Below is a detailed difference between ‘full figure’ and ‘plus size’. We have discussed it in depth, and we hope that you will fully understand their meaning.

A person can be termed full figured without being plus sized. Full figure means that the cup size of your breast is D or higher than that. On the other hand, plus size means that the cup size is D or higher and a size 40 or higher band.

Therefore, the band size is what determines whether someone has a full figure or plus size in the lingerie business. You should always be careful about the terms being used to describe a bra style because they can be a bit confusing. The best full figure bras as reviewed at sweetskinliners.com should perfectly fit a lady with a full bust but it may not fit a plus size woman, same case with a plus size bra, due to band differences.

Full figure people can be described as curvy while plus size people are proportional because their bodies are large generally. However, these words are slowly losing their meaning because all women are beautiful regardless of their sizes. They are commonly used in the lingerie business for people to differentiate their breasts sizes to make it easier to purchase the right size of bras.

Apart from the lingerie business, these two words are used in the fashion industry to refer to people who have larger bodies than the average person’s. A woman is termed as plus size if her dress size is 12-14. People prefer using the word curvy instead of full figure or plus size because it is less offensive. However, the meaning varies from country to country hence you should keep that in mind to avoid contradiction when searching for either a full figure bra or plus size brassiere.